Setting Sales Targets

How to set sales targets for you and your team

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Sales targets help keep you and your sales team focused on achieving your goals. They keep track of how your team are performing and can also help to recognise if areas in your sales process need more or less attention.

Default Sales Targets
You can set sales targets for your team by navigating to Settings → Default Sales
Targets. These are the default sales targets for all of your locations and each   salesperson will be given the same targets unless otherwise specified.

Location Specific Targets
Managers can set their own targets for specific clubs in Settings → Locations → Select Location. This will override the default sales targets and be unique to the location selected. Each salesperson in this location will receive the same targets unless otherwise specified

User Specific Targets
You can also set individual sales targets for your salespeople in Settings → Sales Teams. These will override the default and specific location targets.


Why can’t I see all of my users listed on the Dashboards under Team Metrics?

For mid to large gyms and studios, it is normal for only sales people to be given sales targets, all other roles (owners, franchise owners, admins, managers) aren’t responsible for meeting sales targets hence, they are not included in the Team Metrics section in GymLeads.

To include other roles (owners, admins, managers franchise owners) in Team Metrics, go to Settings → Sales Teams → select the user and you can set individual sales targets. Once set, they will appear on both the Manager and Sales Dashboards

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