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Why is my email disabled?
Why is my email disabled?

Learn why your email was disabled and how to fix it

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Email is an important way to communicate with your sales leads and members. Maintaining a good relationship with people who opt into your mailing list is critical to making sure your emails end up in peoples inboxes, and not in the junk folder.

We continually monitor outbound emails, and if we see any issues with an account, unfortunately, we will need to suspend further sending until the situation has been resolved.

Here are some of the common reasons your email can be disabled:

High bounce rates

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and email providers place restrictions on the amount of bounces a domain can have before it is blacklisted. To make sure your email is delivered successfully, we have a maximum bounce threshold that your domain must abide by.
An email can bounce for a few reasons:

  • The email address is not valid or incorrectly spelled.

  • The email address has been canceled and no longer exists.

  • The user's inbox is full (usually because the account is old and unused).

A well maintained, permission-based list will usually sit around a 2% bounce rate (on average).

High spam complaint rate

If you get too many leads complaining about spam, we will also have to disable your email sending ability until we can work with you to resolve it.
Spam complaints are commonly caused by:

  • The lead has previously unsubscribed on your previous platform.

  • The lead did not provide permission to be put on a mailing list (handing over an email doesn't automatically mean they consent to you sending them marketing emails).

Email (and SMS) works best when it's personal, targeted and helpful to the person receiving it. If you send out a generic email blast to hundreds or thousands of people that don't want to see it, people will unsubscribe, ISPs will block you, and you'll waste your time.

While this may seem frustrating, it's actually for everyone benefit, especially yours. High bounce and spam rates will mean none of your emails would ever reach your leads. It's important that we disable your domain so that you can resolve your sending issues before the damage done to your domain's reputation becomes irreparable.

So my email is blocked, what do I do now?

Reach out to us and we'll provide some recommendations on how to lower your bounce rate. We'll usually disable your ability to bulk send for a few weeks so that you can start repairing your reputation with conversational and reminder emails. Once your bounce rate gets back to a healthy number, we can re-enable it for you.

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