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Working with a lead in a call schedule
Working with a lead in a call schedule

How call schedules make working with leads easier

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If a lead you're managing is in a call schedule, the system will automatically schedule the next follow up call and follow up SMS/emails for you.

Manually adding a lead to a call schedule
To manually add a lead to a call schedule, navigate to the leads profile, click on the calls tab, then select the add to call schedule button and select the call schedule you wish to add them to. Keep in mind that Call Schedules only work for Active leads, so if a lead is marked as Closed, Lost or Inactive, the Call Schedule will not work.

Viewing the call schedule

To view the details of a lead's call schedule, just open the lead detail and click on 'Calls'. The name of the call schedule will be shown. Click on the call schedule to view the number of steps.

Recording a call

Completing a call for a lead in a call schedule is the same as any other lead, however the system won't prompt you for a follow up call if you mark the call as unsuccessful. It will also tell you if there is an auto SMS/email scheduled to go out and gives you the opportunity to stop it if need be.

To learn how to create a call schedule, head over to Managing call schedules

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