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Creating Call Schedules

Set up and manage call schedules with automated follow up messages

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Call schedules are a powerful tool that helps you dictate when certain leads should be called, how to follow up after unsuccessful calls, and how long you should keep them in your sales funnel. Leads in a call schedule:

  • Will have their follow up calls scheduled automatically

  • Can have SMS and emails sent automatically if the call was unsuccessful

  • Will automatically mark leads as inactive at the end of the schedule

Create your schedules

To create a call schedule, or update an existing one, head over to settings->call schedules. From there you can create a new schedule or edit existing ones.ย 

Click the green create call schedule button in the top right hand corner.ย 

Then give your call schedule a name and select which lead sources it should affect. Any leads that are created with those lead sources will be place in the schedule automatically. If you like, you can create a 'default' call schedule. This will catch all leads that aren't put into another schedule. This can be useful if you want a 'Catch all'.

Once the schedule is created, you'll be able to make changes or restrict it to specific locations.

Set up your schedule

Each schedule has a number of steps. All new call schedules start with just 1 step, but you'll probably want to add a few more.

Each step represents when the salesperson should call the lead, along with any follow up emails and messages.

You can edit a step by simply clicking on it and changing the timing, follow up SMS and email template to use.

To add a step, just click 'add new step'. You can set the wait time frame using minutes, hours, days or weeks.

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