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The Calendar

How to view you and your team mates schedules

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The calendar allows you to view yours and others contact calls, appointments, and misc tasks.

When you first open the calendar, it will only show your schedule however you can add others to the calendar to view their tasks. Each user will have their own coloured icon with their initials in it, so you can easily differentiate between users.

Different locations

The calendar can only show events from one location at a time. If you're part of multiple locations, make sure the location you want to view is selected.

Adding events

You can add calls, appointments or block out time directly from the calendar for yourself or other users:

  1. Make sure the user you want to create an event for is in the left search bar.

  2. Just click and drag on the time slot you want to schedule something for (this works best in the week or day view).

  3. Select the event type (call, appointment or block availability)

  4. Select the user this event is for.

  5. Select the lead (please note, only active leads will be displayed here - lost, inactive or closed will be available to select).

  6. Press the 'create' button.

Integrating your GymLeads Calendar with other calendar apps.

You can use the API URL found in settings > calendar to sync your GymLeads Calendar to other calendar apps. The sync is one way and refreshes every hour. Please see the example with Google Calendar below:

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