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Import new and existing leads into your GymLeads account

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GymLeads allows you to easily import new or existing lists of leads into your GymLeads account, along with a wide variety of custom data for each lead.

If you would like a template to start working with just use this the below link

It should look something like this, but you can include many more columns of information if you wish (see options below)

  • Your CSV needs to be formatted correctly before you start. If you exported data from MINDBODY, you may run into issues. We can help if you run into an issue with importing

  • We strongly recommend that you have a salesperson and status column in your CSV before processing. If you import a CSV of hundreds of leads without assigning them to anyone, they will have to be assigned one by one which may take hours. Even if it's just one person, it's a good idea to manually add a salesperson column so we can make sure they are all assigned as soon as they come into the system.

  • What status should I mark a lead? This is up to you, but you can use Tags and Lost Reasons to specify types of members or prospects, here is an example

  • Any dates must be formatted in dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM::SS (time is optional). The import will fail if it encounters any dates that do not match this format, and you'll have to process it again.

  • These are the other columns you may include in your CSV:

  1. Select the CSV and location

Navigate to the import section in settings and select your CSV and the location to import the leads to.

2. Select the columns to bring across
You can select a wide range of different values to bring across for each lead. Simply select which column represents which GymLeads value (we'll try and guess which columns are which, but we might need some help).
Selected columns will be highlighted green.

You must select at least a first name, but we recommend selecting a salesperson, status and contact details as well. Leads without a salesperson will be marked as not assigned and will need to be assigned to someone.

3. Select your toggles

  • Update existing leads: If there is a lead that already exists in GymLeads that has details in the CSV, GymLeads will update the existing lead with the new details listed in the CSV. If this toggle is turned off, GymLeads will ignore the duplicate lead in the CSV. If you turn on this toggle, you cannot reverse these imports. There also cannot be any duplicates in the CSV or in GymLeads. If this is case, you will receive an email saying that the import failed. It will tell you why it failed and if it was a duplicate, it will tell you which line of the CSV sheet this duplicate was on. Use this information to find any duplicates in GymLeads too.

  • Enter lead into matching automation funnel: this is will add leads to funnels where they match the audience. The trigger of the funnel will still need to be met.

  • Enter lead into matching call schedule: this will add leads into a call schedule that matches their lead source.

4. Map status and salesperson
Before uploading the CSV, we need to know how the statuses and salespeople in your CSV map to GymLeads. Simply select which of your CSV values maps to the GymLeads values.

You must select all the fields before you can continue.

5. Wait for it to finish
Click next and we'll start the CSV upload and begin processing it. If it's a large file it could take some time, so maybe go grab a coffee. We'll send you an email when we've finished.


I made a mistake! I need to reverse the import.
Not a problem. We can easily reverse an import, just send us a support message and we'll reverse it for you.

Can you add another column?
We don't have any plans to add any more columns at the moment.

The import finished but processed 0 leads.
This is normally the result of a badly formatted CSV file. Some systems (MINDBODY in particular) don't export their data in a valid CSV format. Not to worry though, if you have this issue, just send us the file and we'll be more than happy to fix up the formatting and process it for you.

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