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GymLeads Kiosk iOS App
GymLeads Kiosk iOS App

Capture walk in leads via the Kiosk iOS app

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You can capture walk in leads via the GymLeads Kiosk app for iOS.ย 

  1. Create your Sign in form

While you're signed in as an owner or admin, navigate to the settings page and select Sign in forms.
From there you can create a new form. You can set the following values:

  • Name: What the form is called

  • Clubs: Which clubs will have access to the form (all by default)

  • Show emergency contact details: Should the form show or hide the emergency contact details (off by default)

  • Allow lead source selection: If on, the form will allow the user to select the 'lead source' (off by default)

  • Colors: Select how the form should look by selecting a background, text and button color.

  • Introduction text: This will be shown at the top of the form.

  • Disclaimer text: This will be shown at the bottom of the form.

  • Completion text: This will be shown after the form has been signed.

You will see a preview of the form as you fill out the fields like in the below screenshot.

2. Log into the iPad app
On the iPad, download the GymLeads Kiosk app and log in with an account that has access to the location you want to use. You'll be prompted to select a form and location.

3. Kisok mode
Once selected leads can use the iPad app as a self service, or a sales rep can use it on their behalf. New leads can fill in blank form or existing leads that have returned can search for themselves and pre-populate the form with their details.

4. Submit details
Once the details are submitted, the lead will be sent straight to GymLeads as a new lead, or update the existing lead if they already existed. You'll be able to see their emergency contact details as well as a note in their history showing which form they submitted.

How do I change forms or log out?

You can select a hidden menu by tapping and holding the top right hand corner of the iPad screen. This will bring up the option to log out or change the form.

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